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The challenges facing Africa’s wildlife and communities today are big. And they’re complex. A struggle to thrive together in a world of constant change.

We think the best way we can help is by building resilience – not reliance – among Africa’s people and animals. We think the only way to a lasting solution is to make them part of the solution.

So we build teams. Teams of people who – together – can make a difference. Teams of passionate supporters, expert partners and local people.

And to make a difference, we think differently.



We take a 360 view

We don’t just explore the issue, but the issues surrounding the issue.

We empower not impose

We build understanding, provide tools and ensure ownership of change sits with the local people.

We share – the good stuff and the bad

We don’t claim to be perfect, but we do promise to learn from all that we do.

We believe that together we can go further